Artist's Statement

Quilting is the perfect medium for me. Every step is enjoyable, from the beginning concept to the final stitches. To me, quilts are poems: poems to color and fabric; poems to history and meaning.

I draw inspiration from many diverse sources from quilts: old, odd, energetic quilts with uncomfortable color combinations and eccentric stitching to historical textiles: holy relics, quilted armor and story-telling embroideries. Contemporary artists are important influences, such as Elizabeth Murray, Anselm Kiefer, Frank Stella, and I often revisit old favorites like Joseph Cornell and Henri Rousseau. I especially enjoy folk and so-called outsider art lately the pencil drawings of Martin Ramirez. Finally I draw upon the natural world and the myths, legends and folktales we have devised to explain that world. I especially like to make use of birds, appointing them the representatives of the natural world.

Ginny Smith, June 2007

Copyright Notice

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